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wow, you're really clueless aren't you.


So I checked closer. Those stats were only from federally funded control programs. CDC documents show 20 million current Hiddenn of HPV-human papillemavirus and 45 million curent cases of herpes.

" "Mom, that's a lot of dick juice!" "Yeah. Especially with young adults. From ages 15-24, more than 9 million get an STd every year.

That works out to one STD per person over that ten year span.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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  1. Hidden camera in bathroom
    Dasho 11 months ago

    If he would shut up and get to work maybe people would. But he's more interested in bitching, golfing and blaming others. He Is His Own Worst Enemy.

  2. Hidden camera in bathroom
    Mojas 11 months ago

    Right. Just something I bumped into a week ago when bloggers were lamenting a lack of secular community and talking about increased feelings of loneliness.

  3. Hidden camera in bathroom
    Gutaxe 11 months ago

    I don?t think the entire world has gone crazy but rather has been conned, influenced, manipulated, divided and is now all too confused and conflicted.

  4. Fejora
    Fejora 11 months ago

    Oh my he looks good??

  5. Hidden camera in bathroom
    Kajigor 11 months ago

    So why is it that with all those weapons at people's disposal, they go to guns more than any other weapon when it comes to committing homicides?

  6. Hidden camera in bathroom
    Tara 10 months ago

    This would be dope!

  7. Kigal
    Kigal 10 months ago

    So I guess you don't like the VA or Social Security or Medicare or healthcare for those that can't afford to pay for it on their own. Most countries of the West have some socialized medicine and they pay far less for healthcare than we do. If I were asked the broad question if I am OK with socialism and had no way of tempering the answer I would answer yes because I think some socialism is just fine. Socialism and capitalism can co-exist. It's not a problem.

  8. Arashigul
    Arashigul 10 months ago

    Kick ass food for the whole week. Sound like a glutton, but one way to my heart is a nice fine fry up

  9. Disho
    Disho 10 months ago

    I love you anyway.

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Hidden camera in bathroom
Hidden camera in bathroom
Hidden camera in bathroom
Hidden camera in bathroom