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She sits up, sliding back onto his precious softness, floating away with him. Without awareness she rubs in lotion over his chest and lower arms.

She looks at his hairless wonder as she slides down to his thighs. She pushes Big Jeff's three inches of softness into his base, making him disappear.

Moving her dainty fingers, Big Jeff bounces back out. She flaps him around with her index finger, now pulls on him, wrapping him around her finger. Letting go, she watches him recoil. She squirts lotion on Jeff's stomach, spreads it over Big Jeff and his jewels, and slides her hand back over Big Jeff continuing back to his stomach.

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  1. Sex with a pervert
    Monris 6 months ago

    Good news, fellow atheists! Just travel with a "believer" and you'll be ok!

  2. Grok
    Grok 6 months ago

    So you're saying billions of people can't be trusted. What garbage.

  3. Ketaur
    Ketaur 6 months ago

    Easier said than done.

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