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Japanese Uncensored 15

She pushes Big Jeff's three inches of softness into his base, making him disappear. Moving her dainty fingers, Big Jeff bounces back out.

She flaps him around with her index finger, now pulls on him, wrapping him around her finger. Letting go, she watches him recoil. She squirts lotion on Jeff's stomach, spreads it over Big Jeff and his jewels, and slides her hand back over Big Jeff continuing back to his stomach.

Now with both hands, she identifies each jewel, eventually rubbing in lotion thoroughly. With lotion on her hand, she wraps her hand around Big Jeff, holds tightly, and moves her hand downward, letting Big Jeff squirm free. She finishes his silk-like legs and feet, now drops to the blanket, rolling onto her back.

When Jeff returns to earth, he sits on Maria's well-rounded breasts, watching her smile grow. He runs his fingers through her hair several times, feeling electricity through his body.

He squeezes her soft cheeks, runs a finger across her lips, looking into her radiant eyes.

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  1. Zolokora
    Zolokora 11 months ago

    "Becasue the Bible does not say that God parted the Red Sea for Moses."

  2. Sister seduced brother
    Mujas 11 months ago

    Christianity doesn't have a great track record I will admit. It's sad that followers of a Christ who preached not to judge are some of the worst at being judgmental. I however don't believe of the concept of intolerance to intolerance.

  3. Voodoozahn
    Voodoozahn 11 months ago

    If that?s the best you have, you are truly a trump supporter.

  4. Tojazahn
    Tojazahn 11 months ago

    at least it would have been un seen

  5. Shazil
    Shazil 11 months ago

    For all we know everyone is innocent.

  6. Знакомства
    Kazrak 10 months ago

    who's ya daddy.... shuddup b!tch.

  7. Micage
    Micage 10 months ago

    I?m me, I?m a overly sensitive, donut loving mermaid..I mean woman. I have social anxiety so it?s hard for me to be around and talk to people but I think I?m a fairly easy person to get along with. Some people might not like how I am but I wasn?t born to impress anyone. And I?ve dealt with people telling me what kind of person I should be and telling me that I?m a ?weak? person because of my sensitivity. I?ve learned to distance myself from those types of people, I?m not going to change myself just so I can live up to someone else?s standards.

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Sister seduced brother