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Suddenly he hears, "Will you marry me?" Jeff jumps up screaming, "Yes!!!" Everyone laughs as Jeff now observes Sean on one knee in front of his mom. Tears streaming down her eyes, "I most certainly will!" Jeff runs up to Sean, tackling him into a big hug, following with a kiss on each cheek.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" He turns to his mom, "Get up. I can't hug you in a beach chair. " After hugging, Rachel gets on one knee to kiss Jeff. He showers her with kisses. Now she turns to Sean. He slides a diamond ring on her finger. "Oh.

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  1. Zolozahn
    Zolozahn 11 months ago

    The rot is deeper than that. It is not possible to build a sustainable society on an economic system that functions on debt usury. This has been going on for a long time. It is similar to a parasite depleting the life force of the host.

  2. Malrajas
    Malrajas 10 months ago

    Wasn't he the one that thought the world was square?

  3. Mazuru
    Mazuru 10 months ago

    What's realy funny is a Billionaire with golden toilets calling other people elite.

  4. Playful bunny loves sex without stopping
    Dorg 10 months ago

    Well 3/22 is

  5. Donris
    Donris 10 months ago

    So if the articles of the United States Constitution are employed to remove the President lawfully, it's your opinion a Civil War is justified?

  6. Kekus
    Kekus 9 months ago

    the rich guy is 5 seconds away from suffering a carnal induced heart attack, and lil' miss is about to be awarded the full estate as they were married last week.

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Playful bunny loves sex without stopping
Playful bunny loves sex without stopping
Playful bunny loves sex without stopping