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The current topic is child murder committed by religious nutjobs. That's all. Your abortion porn is not a part of it.


" Laughing, "Jeff, I'll have to quote you on that one!" At Black's Beach, Jeff finishes setting up Roberto's privacy fence. Maria nudges him, "Get on your stomach mister. " Jeff obeys. Maria sits on his back to put sun tan lotion on his shoulders. Jeff says, "Wow, your butt feel precious.

" He loves feeling her gentle fingers slide across his skin. She slides down to work his back, soon sitting on his butt. "Maria, I can't believe how nurturing this feels!" "I feel wonderful too, my love.

" Both feel a touch of sadness when she slides onto his thighs.

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  1. Yozshurisar
    Yozshurisar 1 year ago

    i am glad i make u happy

  2. Daizshura
    Daizshura 1 year ago

    but it's funny -you are 'KarLOST' - lol

  3. Two powerful members to plump caps
    Gozuru 11 months ago

    If there was a god who sat on his hands while greedy pigs with power destroy this planet for would be worse than useless and not worthy of any respect.

  4. Jumi
    Jumi 11 months ago

    again - you people cursed Bush jr's name from 2006 to 2015 blaming him for the GLOBAL recession... so you want to BLAME a president for a recession, but not give CREDIT when things are going great??

  5. Знакомства
    Dot 11 months ago

    I wanted to hear from God and did everything I could to hear Him, but heard nothing.

  6. Two powerful members to plump caps
    Shaktizuru 11 months ago

    I'll keep your opinion in mind and remind you about it later. Seems like a witch hunt to me at this point.

  7. Знакомства
    Daijar 11 months ago

    Remember he can't be impeached because he's doing such a great job!

  8. Знакомства
    Dosida 11 months ago

    That?s wassup ????????????

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Two powerful members to plump caps