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That psalm says

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Maria nudges him, "Get on your stomach mister. " Jeff obeys. Maria sits on his back to put sun tan lotion on his shoulders. Jeff says, "Wow, your butt feel precious. " He loves feeling her gentle fingers slide across his skin.

She slides down to work his back, soon sitting on his butt. "Maria, I can't believe how nurturing this feels!" "I feel wonderful too, my love. " Both feel a touch of sadness when she slides onto his thighs. The non-sexual passion returns as she thoroughly massages his butt.

After finishing his smooth legs, Maria lies on her stomach.

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    Maura 9 months ago

    Nearly Everyone back then was racist.. LIncoln himself said blacks were inferior and should be sent back to Africa. ( he also said the war wasn?t about slavery)

  2. Goltim
    Goltim 9 months ago

    That's a great idea

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    Nern 9 months ago

    I'm good! I didn't get a lot of sleep again, but I'm doing OK! How about you, James??

  4. Samuktilar
    Samuktilar 9 months ago

    Walking Dead and Arrow

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    Arashikora 9 months ago

    We are good. ;)

  6. Ignites with her friends
    Nedal 9 months ago

    "Why is there no recorded history before 6,000 years ago?"

  7. Ignites with her friends
    Fenrizuru 8 months ago

    Another Leftist hypocrite that uses every school shooting to justify repealing the 2A

  8. Ignites with her friends
    Samukora 8 months ago

    Hey what's up man

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Ignites with her friends
Ignites with her friends