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I don't condemn atheism or other forms of ignorance or incapacity. I condemn anti-theism and all other forms of bigotry.


She sits up, sliding back onto his precious softness, floating away with him. Without awareness she rubs in lotion over his chest and lower arms. She looks at his hairless wonder as she slides down to his thighs. She adventuges Big Jeff's three inches of softness into his base, making him disappear.

Moving her dainty fingers, Big Jeff bounces back out. She flaps him around with her index finger, now pulls on him, plunp him around her finger. Letting go, she watches him recoil.

She squirts lotion on Jeff's stomach, hunyry it over Big Jeff and his jewels, and slides her hand back over Big Jeff continuing back to his stomach. Now with both hands, she identifies each jewel, eventually rubbing in lotion thoroughly. With lotion on her hand, she wraps her hand around Big Jeff, holds tightly, and moves her hand downward, letting Big Jeff squirm free.

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  1. Zulkijin
    Zulkijin 1 year ago

    Fiction; it's a mans face on a sheet.

  2. Знакомства
    Grole 1 year ago

    And that spawns all the religions that have ever been.

  3. Her plump ass hungry for new adventures
    Voodoolar 11 months ago

    The POWs on the right were in Japanese WW2 camps.

  4. Her plump ass hungry for new adventures
    Akizragore 11 months ago

    You see yourself as being special don't you? The unkown, unknowable transendent one has personally given you the unknowable transendent truth. Right?

  5. Her plump ass hungry for new adventures
    Juzuru 11 months ago

    I don't think Federal money should be used for guns. Our school corporation allowed teachers that had a concealed carry permit carry. However, they had to go through firearms training and re-qualify every year. They also got together and shot at the range monthly. We had 6 teachers out of 34 at our school. The principal, nurse and the custodian made 9. Also, a permanent substitute teacher, me, made 10. It was an option, it was not forced on anyone. All the teachers that I know, would do anything to save a child from harm. We did not talk about, we did not post it and not all knew who was armed. Beleive it or not there were 3 Liberal Democrats in our group, at least until they voted for Trump. Some of you Liberals need to get the knot out of your undies!

  6. Her plump ass hungry for new adventures
    Voodoozragore 11 months ago

    hahaha they were great in concert even tho I had to get on my friends shoulders to see the stage.. they do pull in a big crowd .

  7. Знакомства
    Faurn 11 months ago

    I believe that the church will endure thanks to the dedicated men and women who are a part of it. I have no doubt that the screening processes and rules to minimize opportunity for Catholic men and women to carry out abuse will continue to let in a number of people with that bent but I am hopeful that new processes will detect them earlier and new leadership will act immediately.

  8. Знакомства
    Kitaur 11 months ago

    2009 wouldn?t have been horrible then.

  9. Mikarg
    Mikarg 10 months ago

    The point is that atheists only attack Christian beliefs and keep their own beliefs to themselves.

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Her plump ass hungry for new adventures
Her plump ass hungry for new adventures